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How We Help

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For Patients

The Caring Community Foundation has been helping North Carolina patients at triangle-area cancer hospitals since 2001 by providing assistance with basic needs and expenses that become difficult to manage during treatment.

We do not assist individuals directly. CCF grants are only issued for patients referred through our Social Worker Network. Patients or their caregivers should contact a social worker at the hospital or clinic where they are receiving cancer treatment.

No direct contact is made between the Foundation and the patients regarding grants. All patient applications and grants are strictly confidential. Patients are eligible to receive a grant one time only.

If you are an NC resident receiving cancer treatment at a triangle hospital or cancer center and are unsure of who your social worker is, please click on one of the links below to find more information.

Duke Cancer Center


UNC Cancer Center


UNC REX Cancer Care


For Social Workers

The Caring Community Foundation has been helping NC residents receiving cancer treatment at triangle-area hospitals and clinics by providing assistance with basic needs and expenses that become difficult to manage during treatment. Our social worker/patient navigator network is the critical link between patients and CCF financial support.

Patient Assistance Request Process

The basic criteria for consideration is as follows:

  • Be a North Carolina resident

  • Have a diagnosis of cancer (any type)

  • Currently receiving treatment at a triangle-area hospital or clinic

  • Have exhausted all other forms of financial assistance and have a genuine need for an expense to be paid*

  • Have a unique expense that cannot be handled by the patient and that cannot be covered by other forms of assistance (adult diapers, specialty garments, etc.)

If the patient fits the basic criteria, the social worker will complete the online request. Requests are reviewed daily by our Patient Request Liaison.

If a request is approved, the application is forwarded to a check writer. Most checks are written directly to vendors. Exceptions are made in unique situations. Checks are mailed within 48 hours of receiving approval.

If a request is denied, the social worker is immediately notified as to the reason.

Patients are eligible to receive assistance through Caring Community Foundation only once, even if they are receiving treatment at a different facility than before.

Expenses regularly covered:

  • Rent/Mortgage

  • Utility Bills (electricity, gas, phone)

  • Car loan payments / insurance premiums

  • Health Insurance premiums

  • Temporary Housing

  • Transportation

  • Doctor Visit Co-pays

  • Prescriptions

  • Medical equipment/ Home Readiness

For more information, please contact:

Maria Hernandez — Executive Director