Help solve the little problems so our Neighbors can focus on solving their BIG problem.

With your help, we have provided over $2.6 million in emergency financial assistance to more than 4,600 North Carolina cancer patients in need.

Our Work

We know that cancer patients face extraordinary battles just overcoming the major hurdles involved with treating the cruel and unwelcome disease.  The major battles deserve full attention, but patients are often in situations where everyday needs are suddenly thrust into crisis mode because of the financial strains that are inevitable when undergoing major medical treatment.

Caring Community Foundation exists to be there when patients have to make unimaginable choices by providing assistance to those urgent expenses.

It’s what neighbors do.



Counties in North Carolina served.


Individual patients and family members needing
emergency support for housing, power, transportation, food and medical supplies.


Social workers serving patients experiencing urgent needs for emergency support.

Help us reach more of our North Carolina neighbors — providing emergency assistance and relief to more than 1,000 cancer patients by 2025.