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In October, we set a goal to raise $80,000 in 80 days in order to meet the increased need of our NC neighbors battling cancer. You can help us reach this goal!

Respond by December 31 with your gift to help more families in our community.

Why Your Gift Matters​

We know that cancer patients face extraordinary battles overcoming the major hurdles involved with treating the cruel and unwelcome disease.  While these major battles deserve their full attention, patients are often in situations where everyday needs are suddenly thrust into crisis mode because of the financial strains that are inevitable when undergoing major medical treatment.

Caring Community Foundation exists to help patients with these urgent needs.


It’s what neighbors do.

Because of YOU....


Your support goes directly to patients like...

Derek, a 27-year-old father of two young children who travels to Duke Cancer Center every 3 weeks for chemotherapy. Because of the additional costs for travel and lodging during treatment, Derek is struggling with expenses as simple as groceries for his family. CCF is able to assist patients like Derek cover a portion of his monthly bills to relieve the strain caused by these increased expenses.

Beth, a 28-year-old woman with breast cancer who works as a school security guard and travels for her daily radiation appointments. Her modest salary has been stretched thin with the increase in gas prices and is struggling to keep up with her everyday, basic expenses. CCF is able to assist patients like Beth pay off a utility bill and keep the power from being shut off. 

John, a 64-year-old with oropharyngeal cancer receiving daily radiation and weekly chemotherapy. On a fixed income and weighed down with the daily demands of fighting cancer, John struggles to meet monthly expenses. CCF is able to provide emergency assistance to patients like John to cover one month's rent. 

Give where you live, and help more people like Derek, Beth, and John by supporting the mission of Caring Community Foundation through the 80in80 Challenge.

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