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How It Works


Our goal at Caring Community Foundation is to make the gift of giving a seamless, effective process. We rely on the social workers at North Carolina hospitals or clinics to identify patient needs and to apply for assistance on their behalf. Respect for our patients and their confidentiality is a top priority. Because we are able to rely on the vetting process done at the hospital level, we can eliminate the “red tape” and make a decision within 24 hours, often sooner. And we are able to provide assistance within 48 hours of granting the requests. Most checks are written directly to vendors, with a few exceptions made in unique situations. Patients must be North Carolina residents and are eligible to receive assistance only once, even if they are receiving treatment at a different facility than before.


Social Workers

If you are a social worker or patient navigator working with cancer patients in treatment at North Carolina hospitals or clinics, and you want to apply for emergency financial assistance on behalf of your patients, please contact Bradford Brady at

Cancer Patients

We do not accept applications or requests for assistance from individuals.

The staff of Caring Community Foundation work hand-in-hand with social workers at our partner hospitals in North Carolina for all referrals. If you or a loved one are experiencing a financial crisis while in treatment for cancer, we encourage you to share these burdens with your assigned social worker. They have access to numerous resources, including the Caring Community Foundation, to help you address unforeseen or challenging expenses. If you do not have a social worker or are not sure who your social worker is, please contact your doctor's office to help you get connected.

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